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What to see in Ischia / City of Ischia - Hotel Villa Carolina

The Pine Forests in Ischia

The Pine forests of Ischia are small parks on the bare soil, left after the famous eruption of the volcano Arso in 1302, which would forever bury the ancient and prosperous “Plain City„ Aenaria.

In 1805, theses dry landscapes were reforested by the botanist of Ferdinand II of Bourbon, Giovanni Gussonne, who choose to plant conifers, as a typically undemanding variety, more specifically the domestic pine Pinus Pinea and its characteristic leaves. Under these trees have then spontaneously grown Mediterranean shrubs, which have given to the forests a lush and unique vegetation. Indeed, Ischia benefits from special weather conditions : its Mediterranean weather type is softened by several geographical, geological and solar exposure factors.

The most interesting parks are those of Pineta Mirtina in the center of the isle, and Pineta di Fiaiano in the hills. Pina Mirtina is the name of the spring inside this park, whose drinkable water is used to cure pathologies of the digestive system. There are also treatment centers using aromatherapy. Pineta di Fiaiano is located on the hills and known for its active springs and the famous treetop adventure park, called Indiana Park.

What to see in Forio

Forio D'Ischia

» Beaches of San Francesco and Chiaia

» Cava dell’Isola Beach

» Citara Beach

» Il Torrione in Forio d’Ischia

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What to see in Ischia - Hotel Villa Carolina

Isola Ischia

Ischia is immersed in a nature full of colors and flavours to discover. It’s also mesmerizing with the extraordinary range of its historical and cultural heritage.

City of Barano

» Maronti Beach

» Park of the Nitrodi's Nymphs Natural Springs

» Pilastri Aqueduct

» The Ndrezzata

City of Casamicciola

» Bellavista Museum

» The facility Monte della Misericordia

» Thermal park Castiglione

City of Ischia

» Aragonese Castle

» Michelangelo Tower and the chapel of Sant’Anna

» Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

» The Clock Tower

» The English Beach

» The Pine Forests in Ischia

» The secret bays

City of Lacco Ameno

» San Montano Beach

» The Museum of Santa Restituta

» Thermal park Negombo

» Whale Museum

City of Serrara Fontana

» Hamlet of Sant’Angelo

» Mount Epomeo


Roof Garden

Roof Garden

The true colours of Ischia are revealed from the roof terrace of the Hotel Villa Carolina, from where the view on the sea, the distant horizon


Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Rooms of the Hotel Villa Carolina Forio are furnished in a modern style and their size ranges from 28 to 30 m².

Wellness center in Forio d’Ischia

Wellness Center

Wellness Center

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