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Founded in 2006 in Forio, the sailing school is now part of the Boat Club Punta Imperatore. A well-provided fleet and activities coordinated by federals instructors are the key points of this sailing school, built on the love of the sea and wellness, but also on the conviviality and elegance that characterize the Club.

The sailing school Punta Imperatore organizes lessons for children and adults. The participants are to be hosted in a guesthouse and will be taking classes at the Boat Club Punta Imperatore in Forio d’Ischia. The days will be divided between theoretical learning of the sailing and navigation and practice on board of the school craft. The priority is given to the practice at sea, and thanks to the great number of boats belonging to the school, the team of instructors insures a correct rotation on different roles on board, in order to optimize the learning process. The advanced learners can participate to various activities that aim to improve the skills and notions already acquired, and to enhance their own abilities under the monitoring of instructors from the Italian Federation of Sailing and experienced boaters. At the end of the formation, each participant will know the fundamental terms about the boats, the most important sailor’s knots, the name of the winds. They will also be able to fit out and lay out their own boats, and guide them with different speed in full autonomy. After the formation will be organized a race between participants. Each will receive an attestation for his skills in sailing.

The journey includes a full board at the guesthouse of the Boat Club Punta Imperatore, which is located at Forio d’Ischia in the town of Scentone. The safety and control of the guests is guaranteed 24/7 by the qualified staff on site. The activities on the boats will also include games and trips, such as trips on the isle, excursions, bike, SUP Stand-Up Padle, supervised swimming at sea or in pool at the hotel. Fair prices for families and groups.

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The Structure

The Structure

The Hotel Villa Carolina is part of the hotels located a few meters away from the harbour of Forio, which attracts every hour boats from Naples.


Classical Room

Classical Room

The classical rooms of the Hotel Villa Carolina Forio are furnished in a modern style and their size ranges from 14 to 16 m².

Sailing school Hotel Villa Carolina

Sailing school in Ischia

Sailing school in Ischia

Founded in 2006 in Forio, the sailing school is now part of the Boat Club Punta Imperatore.