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Villa Carolina Hotel Ischia

COOKIES POLICY saves information on small-sized text files, on the computer of the User. These files are called cookie.

There are various types of cookie, and it is possible to personalize the recording of every type of cookies on the computer, only certain types or none. If you don’t accept some types of cookie, it is possible that you would not manage to access certain Websites and some customised feature (for example, the display of local news, weather reports or Stock exchange). A cookie is a file created by a Website in order to save in the system information about the User, among which the preferences expressed by this one during the navigation on the Site. If, for example, the User makes searches the schedule of a flight on the Website of an airline company, the Site can create a cookie containing the route of the User. Otherwise, the cookie can contain a recording of the pages visited within the same site. This information will be used to personalize the Site presented to the User at the next visit. Cookies can also store information on the private identity. This is used to identify or contact a person : the name, the e-mail address, the professional or postal address, or the phone number. In any case, the Website can only reach the information supplied by the User personally. For example, the site cannot reach the e-mail address, unless the User fulfilled it directly, and cannot reach other information on the computer of the User neither. Cookies saved on the computer can be read only by the Website which created them. The files are indeed designated with the URL address of the site they come from.

Permanent and temporary cookies
A permanent cookie is saved on the computer after closing of the browser, and can be read by the Website which created it at the next visit of the User. A temporary cookie is saved only during the session until its closure. Such closure can be the result of a specific command, of the closing of the browser or the access to a different URL from the one that generated the cookie.

First-Party-Cookies and Third-Party-Cookies
The Cookies of first party are created by the viewed Website, or sent to this one, and generally used to save information, such as the preferences of the User who visits the Site. The Cookies of third party are created by a Website different from the visited one or sent by this other one. The Websites of third party supply generally a part of the content of the viewed Website. For example, numerous sites advertise on the Websites of third party, which then can use the cookies. The cookies of this type are generally used to register the view of a web page by the User for advertising or marketing purposes. The cookies of third party can be as well permanent as temporary. Certain cookies are potentially harmful because they can grant access to personal information, which could be used without the User’s consent for secondary purposes.

Configuration of the browser
The browsers can be configured to control the recording of cookies. The option of configuration which allows to deactivate the recording of the cookies is generally contained in the management of the confidentiality.


Roof Garden

Roof Garden

The true colours of Ischia are revealed from the roof terrace of the Hotel Villa Carolina, from where the view on the sea, the distant horizon


Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Rooms of the Hotel Villa Carolina Forio are furnished in a modern style and their size ranges from 28 to 30 m².

Wellness center in Forio d’Ischia

Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Our hotel offers its guests the opportunity to chill out completely in our wellness center