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The pools of Villa Carolina Ischia


The Hotel Villa Carolina in Forio has two swimming pools, one indoor and another outdoor. The outdoor pool is located on the roof terrace “ La Terrazza „ and features hydro-massage baths, a waterfall for neck massages, sunloungers, sunshades and wide spaces for sunbathing, away from the noise of the crowd.

During daytime, it is the unquestioned kingdom of the young people, while in the evening, it becomes the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and listen to good music.

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The Hall

The Hall

A large hall welcomes the guests of the Hotel Villa Carolina in Forio, allowing them to relax with family and friends.


Classical Room

Classical Room

The classical rooms of the Hotel Villa Carolina Forio are furnished in a modern style and their size ranges from 14 to 16 m².

Sailing school Hotel Villa Carolina

Sailing school in Ischia

Sailing school in Ischia

Founded in 2006 in Forio, the sailing school is now part of the Boat Club Punta Imperatore.